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Version: PM3


Now time to learn how to make a Modal Form, first we need to add the modal form "use" statement.

use jojoe77777\FormAPI\ModalForm;

Now lets make a function to add our form in it.

public function testForm($player){
//This is where we will add our form.

In the function we will add our form

public function testForm($player){
$form = new ModalForm(function(Player $player, $data){
if($data === true){
//Button 1
//Here is where you add the code to what Button 1 will do
return true;
$form->setTitle("Title of the form"); //This sets the title of the form
$form->setContent("Text inside the form"); //This sets the content inside the form
$form->setButton1("Button 1"); //This sets the button
$form->setButton2("Button 2");
$player->sendForm($form); //This sends it to the player

And thats it you just made your first Modal Form.
Want to know how to send it go to How To Send.