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Version: PM3

Create Custom Inventory

So let's say you'd like to send players a dispenser inventory. Sadly, InvMenu doesn't ship with a InvMenu::TYPE_DISPENSER. You can still create a dispenser InvMenu by registering a MenuMetadata object with the information about what a dispenser inventory looks like.

Actually, Don't Forget to add "use" statement:

use muqsit\invmenu\metadata\SingleBlockMenuMetadata;
use muqsit\invmenu\InvMenuHandler;
use muqsit\invmenu\InvMenu;
use pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\types\WindowTypes;
use pocketmine\block\BlockFactory;
use pocketmine\block\Block;

follow the method below:

public const TYPE_DISPENSER = "myplugin:dispenser";

public function registerCustomMenuTypes() : void{
$type = new SingleBlockMenuMetadata(
self::TYPE_DISPENSER, // identifier
9, // number of slots
WindowTypes::DISPENSER, // mcpe window type id
BlockFactory::get(Block::DISPENSER), // Block
"Dispenser" // block entity identifier

and put this in function section onEnable()

public function onEnable(){

So yeah, you can make this inventory using:

$menu = InvMenu::create(self::TYPE_DISPENSER);